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A large stone manor house, on a site that slopes towards views of rolling countryside.

We designed five distinct areas, linking each of them back to the house.

Firstly, the front garden and entrance area. A mounded central island breaks up the mass of the large gravel entrance area. We found space for five parking spaces, with plenty of room to manouevre. Planting softens the greeting area by the house. All entrances to the rear of the property are securely gated.

The second area is the smaller family garden to the rear of the house. Previously a walled garden that had fallen into disuse, it now has generous planting beds and a lawn with scattered ball-shaped hedges, for a touch of Alice-in-Wonderland whimsy. A dining terrace is complemented by a "long water" feature, with small bubbling water jets for a soothing soundtrack.

A pergola walkway leads to the third section of the garden: a pool terrace with a pool house. The pool was positioned here to make use of what was previously another section of walled garden.

The family wanted a separate area for entertaining - the fourth section of the garden. To the side of the house are steps down to a terrace overlooking the countryside views. Further steps lead to a large stepped lawn. 

The fifth and final area is where garden starts to blend with its rural surroundings. Below the stepped lawn, there is a small seating area before the cut grass gives way to more naturalistic wild grass, harmonising with the fields beyond. Mown paths take visitors around a wildflower field and to a tucked-away summerhouse.

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