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Cascading water and grasses; bold verdigris accents

This North London home has a steeply sloping garden, allowing us to create terraced rows of planting, hiding a sunken stairway to the top of the garden.

A cascading water feature also takes advantage of the change in height. 

We've included wildflower turf and two multi-stem hawthorns, for the local birds and insects.

Although this is a relatively small garden, we found space for three separate terraces: a large main space for entertaining; an area at the very top of the garden for reclining in the sun; and a small "jewel terrace" next to the house - somewhere to enjoy a morning coffee, or work from home, within range of the WiFi.

Terracotta pots and verdigris accents add a finishing touch, and echo the clean, modern interior of this home.

Cascade courtyard: About
Cascade courtyard: Image
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